• Living Room – The Sofa

    Living Room – The Sofa


Whilst you are away you are probably not interested in cleaning your rented villa or changing the bed, are you? We don’t think so.

That’s the reason why Concetta – our cousin – will come to the property to regularly provide a set of services FREE of charge.

Linen change

Villa Ducale will make your holiday as pleasant as possible by providing you with a number of linen equal to the number of guests that will be booked in. Towels are included in the weekly prices as well.

Linen and towels will be changed once a week, while a person we trust will professionally clean the villa. An intermediate change after 3 days, can be arranged for you at an additional cost of £20.00. Please let us know your requirements.

Weekly cleaning

Everybody wants to live in a clean house, but cleaning can cause stress for people. We want your holidays in Abruzzo to be as pleasant as possible. For this reason, once a week our trusted housekeeper will pop into the villa to clean the rooms and bathrooms.

The kitchen will be cleaned too, but stoves and gas hobs are not part of the service, hence you are expected to keep these clean during your stay and leave them in the same condition as you found while checkin-out. Failing to do this will cost you additional £15.00.

Professional ironing

We appreciate the fact that people don’t really want to think about laundry once on holiday. For this reason on request and at an additional cost our guests can have their laundry and ironing done for them.

The service may be provided as often as you want, but must be booked in advance because we need to pencil in the time with our housekeeper. All your bills on this regard need to be set directly with the housekeeper as soon as she has finished.

Just let us know what your needs are, and we will take care of them wherever possible.