Terms & Conditions

While renting Villa Ducale you agree as folllow

  1. To pay the letting fee. A 25% deposit is due on confirmation and the balance is payable in full 6 weeks prior to the arrival date.
  2. To pay a refundable deposit of £250 on top of the renting fee. Such deposit is fully refundable, provided the Guest to abide to the following rules. Any breach of the following obligations that results in a cost for the Owners will be deducted from the aforementioned deposit, or differently sought until damages are fully covered.
    • To use the premises as a private holiday residence for the number of person specified during the booking process and for no more than 6 persons in total.
    • Three different floors form the premise; Guests are allowed to use the main floor only and the part or the basement where the utility room is located. The garage can be made available for renting on request. There are areas or furniture currently locked. It is responsibility of the leading Guest assure that these remains so and that no items from within these areas are removed or used.
    • To not use the premises for any other purposes whatsoever other the one specified on point 3 (e.g. illegal or immoral).
    • To keep the furniture, soft furnishings and equipment in their present state of repair and condition and to replace with similar articles of at least the equivalent value and standard, any items of furniture which may be found to be missing or destroyed (reasonable wear and tear excepted). Furniture and equipment should be taken in its present position and status of conservation.
    • On completion of the letting period, to leave the Premises and the furniture and any other item made available in the property in a clean and tidy state of repair and condition.
    • Under no circumstances not to deface, drill or make any alteration to the interior (e.g. poster or placard) or the exterior of the Premises and more in general not to perform building work.
    • Not to do or permit to be done anything which may be result in nuisance, annoyance, noxious, hazardous or cause of damage to any neighbouring or adjoining property. Not to store or use flammable, explosive or corrosive materials in the home or more in general within the Premises.
    • Not to do anything or suffer or permit anything to be done as a result of which any policy or insurance held by the Owners on the Premises may become void or voidable or subject to an increased rate of premium.
    • Not to play or permit to be played in the premises any musical instrument or sound production equipment between 11.00pm and 7.30am or so as to be audible outside the premises.
    • Not to smoke or permit smoking inside or on the Premises.
    • Not to allow pets inside the house. Small dog can be taken outside and within the walled garden provided the garden will be left in perfect clean condition and without damages (e.g. holes).
  3. To waive the rights of sublease, subrogation, cession, transferral, whether total or partial, pre-emptive offering and withdrawal, and the right to impugn conveyance.
  4. To permit the Owners or their agents access to the Premises to deal with any maintenance or security issues.