Waste Recycling in Crecchio

Unlike in the UK, recycling has not been encouraged in the Italian peninsula or years. Things are now changed, and in 2005 Crecchio joined to a door-to-door recycling program, thus contributing to a more eco-friendly environment aiming to respect the beautiful scenery Abruzzo has to offer.

This is not too much different from what you are normally used to. You have your bins, and on predefined days you are supposed to leave you bin outside the door to allow the collection service emptying it.

The recycling system is slightly different as the bins size that is ultimately smaller than the one provided in the UK. However, collection happens 3 times a week. This is to avoid smelly houses, especially during the summer season, which in Abruzzo can be quite hot.

Recycling dates and bins

Wet waste

Brown bin

Mon, Wed, Sat



Yellow bin



Paper and cardboard

White bin



Everything else

Green bin



Remember to leave the bin outside the main entrance the nigh before, as collection happens between 4am and 8am.