Enjoy Abruzzo

Late April to mid-May is the best time to have your holiday in Abruzzo and organize sightseeing; the region is still in the “wilderness” with nature nearly to wake up.

The landscape is rioting with petal & blossom open to announce the beginning of the summer season announced by the warm weather softening the existing starkness of the winter.

Abruzzo abundance of castles and medieval towns will leave you with plenty of choice; we have provided a selection of the most interesting location you can visit, some of them have been mentioned as the Italy’s most beautiful hamlets (I borghi piu belli d’Italia). Calculator on the hand, ten Abruzzo villages more than Tuscany have been listed!

Although temperatures are supposed to change during the rest of the year, Abruzzo is also a lovely region to be visited during the winter season too, thus allowing you to enjoy every minute of staying regardless the calendar month you’ll decide to come.

To make sure you will enjoy Abruzzo and its beauty, we have split this site in different sections that you can find underneath the “Enjoy Abruzzo” menu.

We have tried to give a logical order, so to provide you only with relevant information according to the season you will rent your villa.