• A local counter with salami, parma ham and local pecorino cheese

    A local counter with salami, parma ham and local pecorino cheese
  • Pasta De Cecco – The real abruzzese pasta made with Majella mountain’s water

    Pasta De Cecco – The real abruzzese pasta made with Majella mountain’s water
  • Pan Ducale, a typical sweet from Abruzzo

    Pan Ducale, a typical sweet from Abruzzo

Gastro tourism

Gastronomes often delight in visiting the best restaurants, sampling the most sought-after ingredients prepared by the most celebrated chefs using both traditional and ultra-modern (even futuristic) techniques.
Although exceptional restaurants and fine dishes are available for those seeking the most palatable dishes, Abruzzo gastronomy is everything but this.

I’m sure that once on holiday, you fancy getting away from the hustle and bustle of city, but also from the daily food monotony.

A holiday in Abruzzo will help you rediscovery the pleasure of a superb but authentic cuisine made all from genuine ingredients cooked according to regional recipes, quite often kept secret and handed down along generations.

Please follow us in this short but intense gastro travel around the Abruzzese cuisine.

Regional kitchen

If you have been too distracted by the poetic praise heaped upon the famed cuisine of Emilia Romagna, Piedmont and Tuscany, well my friends you have clearly done your mistake as Abruzzo it truly worth your culinary attention.

Many dishes are identified by their place of origin even though they may now be made anywhere in Italy, or even the world. However there are some Italian regional recipes that hold on fiercely to the local territory and they would dispute their authenticity if made outside the area.
For this reason, we are more often than not astonished while speaking with British that tell us they haven’t really spent a minute looking for those unique delicatessens that contradistinguish the territory once they went on for their Italian holidays.

Markets in Abruzzo are overflowing with fresh local produce that joy flavor once combined with the evolution of shepherding and farming recipes, creating simple yet tasty dishes like soups and broths, main course to finish with a carousel of cheeses.

Altitude-cultivated pulses and tubers, saffron and chilli are also some of the main ingredients that take centre stage in Abruzzese cuisine.
As for meat, the real speciality in Abruzzo is the milk-fed lamb roasted (abbacchio) or cubed on skewers (arrosticini), grilled on charcoal or in a casserole.
The regional pasta is maccheroni alla chitarra, named after the guitar-like device that shapes the sheets into strips.

A final word on your gastro travel needs to be spent on the wine. Many people in the UK will be familiar with Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, but other wines worth trying are the Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, the more unusual grape variety, Cococciola and Pecorino, that at expense of the name is not a variety of cheese.

So before packing your luggages and going back home (or perhaps to come and visit Abruzzo), make sure you have tasted some of the Abruzzese specialities we mentioned below.

Regional recipes you can’t miss during your gastro holiday