Eating in a restaurant

The most welcome guest

Whether you’re still browsing the menu or you almost to leave the table, please don’t remain surprised if you are offered with a drink (an aperitif or a liqueur respectively).

This is a common habit everywhere in Italy, and it is not a scam designed to overload your bill.

So, unless you specifically asked for something you are expected to pay for, if something is magically appearing on your table, accept it and enjoy cheering to the Abruzzo wealth!

This is one of those pleasant little quirks that go hand-in-hand with your Abruzzo holiday.

The dish of the day

The vast majority of restaurants provide a menu; however it is no unusual some of the smaller, tucked-away places might not, on the grounds that the chef will only cook what’s good and fresh from the market that day or what were available in the garden.

It is not rare the waiters to come to you with a small notebook and tell you what the day’s specials are.

If you think you are struggling, don’t panic and use your pocket dictionary. The waiter won’t mind for this.

Perhaps you can be brave, nosey and Italian by pointing to what the people on the next table are eating. They won’t mind and you could even find yourself offered a taste!


Whether or not you’ll be eating in restaurants off the beaten tourist track, it is worth for you remembering in Italy it doesn’t exist the “service culture”. Waiter, chef and everybody who make possible for you to experience that fantastic gastro sensation are paid with the money requested within the bill.

However, by providing an all-inclusive bill you don’t know how much of that money will be really distributed to the waiting staff, hence if your experience has been particularly good (and the price proportionate), I’m sure anybody will mind with you if you leave €5 or €10 on the table.

Different story if you have just took a coffee or an aperitif in a bar. It is usual practice to leave some “spicci” (the coins given as a change, assuming you haven’t been given 10 euros in such a way).