• A picture of the village

    A picture of the village
  • Sambuceto fountain

    Sambuceto fountain
  • Lake Bomba with snow – Photo by Alberto Paolucci

    Lake Bomba with snow – Photo by Alberto Paolucci
  • Monteferrante and Bomba lake

    Monteferrante and Bomba lake


Bomba is an ancient town perched at the foot of Monte Pallano, in the valley of the Sangro River, at about thirty kilometers from the Adriatic coast.

Traces of a pre-Roman settlement have been found on Mount Pallano, while the first historical information about Bomba can be found starting from the beginning of the fourteenth century. Belonging to the De Tibur, De Galiberto and to De Anichino, it was later a feud of Scotrò, Caravita and Adimari. Bomb gave birth to the Spaventa brothers: Silvio (patriot) and Bertrand (philosopher).

The little village attracts many tourists, mainly because of the nearby green forests and picturesque artificial lake full of fish like chub, carp, carp, perch, tench, eels and trout. The lake was created by damming the river Sangro with clay, and is one of the largest built lakes in Italy using this technique and the first in Europe.

The lake has an elongated shape and it goes deep to the valley for about 7 km. A width of 1.5 km and 36m depth makes the lake navigable and it has a very strong appeal for windsurfing and fishing lovers throughout the year. Near the shores there are holiday parks, sports facilities and recreational areas like camping, restaurants and pizzerias.

An interesting Ethnographic Museum can be found in Bomba, and the old town is well worth a visit because it offers stunning views of a well-preserved and almost intact original structure.

For those fascinated by archaeologies, Monte Pallano summit is an important archaeological site with impressive megalithic walls. The location is easy to reach.

Sightseeing & escursions

What to see in

  • The sixteenth-century Baronial Palace
  • Church of St. Maria del Popolo (XVIII century), with stucco and Piazzoli Terzani and paintings of the Neapolitan Ludovico de Majo
  • Monument to Silvio Spaventa, in the main square
  • The impressive Sanctuary of San Mauro (Valle Cupa), a place of pilgrimage
  • Monte Pallano
  • Bomba lake (though the real name is Sangro Lake)
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The Ethnographic museum has a web site. Regrettably the English version doesn’t seem to work properly, hence we suggest using Google Translate over the Italian version.

Although the “news and events” section is not updated, the rest of the site may provide you with valuable information for your visit.

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We thought to make your life easier, and we have provided the itinerary from our Villa straight to Bomba. Remember to visit both the lake and the small village perched on the slopes of a mountain.

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