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Situated at 700mt. a.s.l., Caramanico is close to the confluence of the Orfento and Orta rivers, on a hilltop between the Monte Morrone and the Majella mountains (the second highest mountain of the Apennines).

Caramanico enjoys a great climate, breezy in summer and dry in winter, and has been known since the 16th century for the healthy properties of its spas where you can treat yourself with a dip in the invigorating waters.

Caramanico is also a destination for nature and art lovers, being in the heart of the Majella Park, is very close to the Natural Reserve “Valle dell’Orfento”, part of the Majella National Park.

The reserve is one of the wildest and most spectacular corners of the Apennines, where a deep canyon – created by the Orfento river – covered with a thick vegetation is host to rare species (wolves and eagles, gentian and peonies) making this place a true naturalistic jewel for animal and bird watchers.

The thermal baths occupy a good part of the inhabitable area and the whole town slopes down from the historic town center, and for this reason the keyword ‘Terme’ is often added to Caramanico in honor of Abruzzo‘s thermal baths.

Sightseeing & escursions

What to see in
Caramanico Terme

  • The historical centre, with fine medieval houses;
  • Church of S. Maria Maggiore (XV century), originally a fortress with high walls and a tower, with a fine portal and a high relief by Johann from Lubeck;
  • Church of St. Tommaso, founded in the 12th century in honour of Thomas of Canterbury, with a wonderful portal with stone sculptures and 13th century frescoes;
  • The Eremo of San Giovanni, where – back in 13th century A.D. – Sant’Onofrio lived for seven years;
  • Natural Reserve Valle dell’Orfento, part of the Maiella National Park is one of the wildest and most spectacular corners of the Apennine;
  • Thermal Bath and Spas;
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Although this site is mainly developed around the thermal treatment, other information about Caramanico can be found as well. Prices and information on how to book your SPA session are available as well.

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We thought to make your life easier, and we have provided the itinerary from our Villa straight to Caramanico. Remember the place is a great place to take some relax in the Spa. Allow plenty of time for driving toward the location, and book the treatment in advance if you can.

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