• Gran Sasso & Monti della Laga view

    Gran Sasso & Monti della Laga view
  • Campo Imperatore, province of L’Aquila

    Campo Imperatore, province of L’Aquila
  • Local shop … somewhere in Abruzzo

    Local shop … somewhere in Abruzzo
  • Adriatic coastline panorama: photo taken from San Giovanni in Venere abbey

    Adriatic coastline panorama: photo taken from San Giovanni in Venere abbey
  • Monte Velino – near Avezzano (AQ)

    Monte Velino – near Avezzano (AQ)

Location is important

While living in England, perhaps in London where about 20m people live in  tiny spaces, it may be not unusual to have heard falling from the lips of a Brit a phrase like “I want to live in the middle of nowhere; that will suit me perfectly”.

How can it be possible to argue?

A consideration is required. Living in the middle of nowhere out in Britain is not so bad; you would be able to find a super market nearby or some form of life within a short drive. In Abruzzo staying in the middle of nowhere, may have some negative consequences, as in some remote rural areas it will not be possible to find even a pharmacy in a 10km radius.

Villa Ducale has no such problem. The property is not too far from Pescara, on the main road for the village of Crecchio that is 1.8km far away (just a 20 minutes short walk going down the hill), where local shops like a tobacconist / newsagent, a bank, a general store, a shoe shop, a jewelry store and both a male and female hair dressers (two separate shops) can be found.
Crecchio has also three different bars where you will be able to get your single espresso or cappuccino any time of the day.

If walking or driving that far is not in your plans there is an old “puteca” (mini market) managed by Tiziana at just 400 mt from Villa Ducale. The shop sells local quality-assured products and fresh stuff. Refrigerated products, cans and everything else it is required for a perfect holiday can be found as well,  and sometimes there are even better deals than the one in big supermarket like the one in Caldari or the Iper in Ortona.

Finally, it is worth remembering that Villa Ducale is just 14 minutes driving far away from the seaside and 25 from the mountain and regardless the direction you will go for, there are many local farms that sell their fresh products. Just stop by one of them to grab delicious food and a taste of Abruzzo.
If you are interested in very good extra virgin olive oil instead, let us know. We are surrounded by 2 acres of land where 70 olive plants we use for the yearly consumption. We don’t mind sharing some olive oil with you if you ask.