• Pescara Airport, main entrance

    Pescara Airport, main entrance
  • Ryanair
  • Di Fonzo Bus

    Di Fonzo Bus

How to reach Villa Ducale

The Villa is easily reachable from Pescara in just 30 minutes from both internal road or by the motorway, or from Ancona throughout the A14, both served by direct Ryanair flights from Stansted Airport, in Essex.


If you need to rent a car, we recommend picking it up in Pescara rather than anywhere else as more choices are available (including Rome airports that are served only by big expensive firms). Family run local companies can be much cheaper.

Alternatively, you can land in Rome Ciampino or Rome Fiumicino, using respectively Ryanair or Monarch from Stansted or Luton.
Rome is just 2 hours and 30 minutes far away and it is well served by buses that arrive in Chieti Scalo, Pescara or Lanciano where you can rent your car for the rest of your holidays.

Renting a car in Rome is probably the most expensive option, as this will be your entire journey because Italian motorways are not free of charge like in UK and petrol is quite expensive.

A bus journey with “Di Fonzo” or “Di Febo and Capuani” lines – both starting from Roma Tiburtina train station (which you can reach via a combination of train, bus and underground according to your destination airport) won’t cost you more than €18 pp.

Up to April 2013 it was possible to book any travel in advance and pay as little as €5 pp per travel. This offer has been now replaced with a Fidelity Card, whose conditions haven’t been disclosed so far.

A real bargain that ensures you are saving money that can be used for a special dinner out with your family.