Road directions to reach Villa Ducale

To reach Villa Ducale, there are many options and it mostly depends how you have reached Abruzzo and where you are.

By car from Pescara via “A road” (Strada Statale)

Regardless you have landed with an airplane or arrived by bus, once in Pescara the best option to reach Crecchio is renting a car.

  1. Once in your car, follow the directions for the “Asse attrezzato” and get on it following the directions for Val di Foro / Francavilla al Mare;
  2. Drive until the road end (about 12km), then turn left at the roundabout taking the second exit toward the sea.
  3. Once at the roundabout, take the first exit, and keep going toward Ortona (about 8Km). Take the exit for Shopping Center “Iper” / Hospital.
  4. At the roundabout, take the second exit and go straight until the intersection with the Ortona Industrial area (about 2.3 km). During your journey you will see the shopping center on your left.
  5. Once at the intersection, trn right and then the first on left (about 150mt). After 1.4km you will reach a crossing; then turn left in a small pathway that will bering you on the main road – the SS 538.
  6. Turn right following the mountain directions (Take Orsogna as reference point) and drive for about 5.9km prior reaching Crecchio winery on your right.
  7. Turn right toward Crecchio. Villa Ducale is about 2km far away on your left.

The entire journey is about 37km, it mostly depends whether you are starting your travel from the airport or from the autobus terminal in Pescara, just opposite the train station and normally takes about 45 minutes either ways.

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Map & directions

We would like to make your life easier, hence we have provided two itineraries from Pescara Airport to Villa Ducale and from Pescara Bus Station to Villa Ducale.

By car from Pescara via the motorway

Perhaps this is the easiest way to reach Villa Ducale though not the shortest one. For the following route we assume you will be landing in Pescara airport and travelling from there.

  1. Once in your car, leave Pescara airport car park from the Via Tiburtina exit and turn left.
  2. Go straight toward a roundabout with a Safe Guard plane in the middle. Take the second exit and follow the directions for Chieti / A14;
  3. You have to take on the “Asse attrezzato” for less than 500mt before taking the first exit entering in the toll-free section of the highway;
  4. Drive ahead for about 6km before entering in the highway at Pescara / Chieti Ovest;
  5. Drive for about 20km upon reaching Ortona exit. The cost of the journey is about €1,70. You can pay by cash or credit card;
  6. Once off the motorway, turn left and go straight until reaching a roundabout with a tank in the middle, then turn right and start driving toward the mountain;
  7. Keep going toward Orsogna (about 8.4 km) until reaching Crecchio winery on your right.
  8. Turn right and follow Crecchio direction. You will reach Villa Ducale in about 2km. The property in on your left.

The entire journey is about 47km and normally takes about 50 minutes driving. If you will arrive at Pescara bus stop, your journey will be slightly different.

Google Maps

Map & directions

We would like to make your life easier, hence we have provided the itinerary from Pescara Airport to Villa Ducale via A14.

Alternative routes

As an alternative path of the aforementioned routes from Pescara, instead of passing via Crecchio winery, there is the chance to take an alternative route passing through Villa Mucchiarelli and then carrying on until reaching Crecchio first and Villa Ducale later. I always recommend this route just because the beauty of the castle (especially during the sunset) is a nice way to start your holidays.

If you landed in Rome and have opted for a bus travel arriving in Lanciano bus stop “La Pietrosa”, chances are you to hire a car in the local town.

Regardless what of the alternative option you prefer, please let us know and we will provide you with detailed instruction on how to reach Villa Ducale.

Some notes about road speed

We thought important giving you some indication about the speed limit in order to avoid you problems with local authorities, fien and hidden cameras.

Speed limit on the motorway is 130Km/h unless differently stated; “Asse attrezzato” speed limit is normally 90Km/h unless driving in the tunnel, which reduces the limit down to 70Km/h.
Limit on the national road “Strada statale” is instead set to 50Km/h.

Please note that speed limits in Italy can suddenly changes for a number or reasons, so having a look at the general traffic stream speed is always a good thing to do.