• Abruzzo’s peaks – Photo by Alberto Paolucci

    Abruzzo’s peaks – Photo by Alberto Paolucci
  • Tollo in the distance

    Tollo in the distance
  • Miglianico in the background

    Miglianico in the background


Abruzzo is a beautiful region relatively undiscovered by English tourists if compared to Tuscany. However, in some quarters it has earned the nickname of “Abruzzoshire”, by analogy with the many “shires” available in UK, because of the many English people now retired in the region who you’ll probably encounter during your holiday in Abruzzo while renting your Villa.

Abruzzo is like the real Italy of 50 years ago: unspoilt, unpretentious and welcoming with a lot of traditions, beautiful natural scenery, history and culture.

This makes the Abruzzo region the perfect mix for your holidays, offering a wide range of activities.

Abruzzo is a bird-watcher’s paradise and the abundance of butterflies and wild-flowers is quite stunning. For trekking lovers, summer offers a wide range of paths to discover the wild and untouched nature of the mountains. During the winter, mountains offer amazing opportunities for skiers and snowboarders.

Throughout the summer months you can simply relax on the beach while topping up your suntan.

All year round you will be able to visit one of the many medieval castles (there are over 1000 medieval castles, some of them perfectly maintained while others are in ruins), monasteries or Roman ruins. Alternatively you could taste the delicious food cooked according to traditional recipes in one of the many hamlets or villages all around the region.

Come to Abruzzo and you’ll be overwhelmed by the warmth, generosity and friendliness of the local people.

The region has been named as the “Green Region of Europe” because three quarters of the land is covered by parks (including the National Parkland) and uncontaminated areas. Two thirds of Abruzzo’s green area is mountainous with the rest being hills and coastlines.

In the national parks there are bears, wolves, ibis and wide range of animals that thrive in the ecologically clean environment. The coast boasts numerous blue flag beaches because of the high quality seas and coastline.

Abruzzo is the least densely populated region of Italy, and has largely retained a life style that has all but vanished from other parts of Italy, and for this reason it has always been the favourite holiday destination for Italians.

Bordering regions are the Marche to the north, Lazio to the west, Molise to the south and the Adriatic Sea in the east.

The climate in Abruzzo is ideal for holidaymakers of all types. The summers are long and hot with temperatures soaring to 35 degrees Celsius in August. However, very mild temperatures start from mid April up to the end of June and come back from mid September to the end of October before leaving space for the autumn and the winter season where you will be able to enjoy the snow starting from as low as 300 mt above the sea level.